Brighton Generator.

Like a knitting circle but for creative coding 🔮✨

Generator is an occasional gathering for creative technologists and curious humans (and the occasional tiny dog). We make time for tinkering and swapping ideas.
There will probably be crisps.

Our next meeting will be
🗓 on the 13th of October, 2021
⏰ 1830 - 2130 (BST)
📍 Brighton, UK. Venue TBD.

Visit our clubhouse over in Mozilla Hubs, or join in on our slack.

We don't usually have A Presenter, but we do run a show and tell towards the end of the evening. Most of the meeting is project time: a few hours reserved from our busy lives to try new things, cultivate ideas, and experiment with new media.

Join our email list if you want to know about upcoming events. We promise we won't email you about anything else, or sell your details to data brokers for beer money.

You can also join our slack, for discussions about projects, upcoming meetings, and sharing inspiration gathered on general internet travels.

or follow us on Twitter

We'll probably organise a few field trips throughout the year. Some of us are trying to get tickets for EMF camp 🤞.

We don't provide equipment or tutoring, but we have plenty of space, fast wifi, and friendly faces. Come along, whether you have a project you're already working on, want to show something off, or are simply curious about trying out new art things.

In meetings so far people have tinkered with or brought along

We've also seen projects passed around, and iterated on by other people. Copy-paste the knitting!

Big thanks to Clearleft for lending us their fantastic event space for a few hours a month ♥️.